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10 Best Spiritual Intentions to Set This Fall

10 Best Spiritual Intentions to Set This Fall

Posted by Samantha DePeel

September 25, 2023

Fall has arrived, LiF sisters! Its hasty arrival has us donning our sweaters, cozying up with a hot cup of coffee, and seeing what Jesus has for us in this season. As the leaves begin to change and the air turns crisp, there's a natural sense of transition in the world around us. Fall is a season that invites us to reflect on the changes within ourselves and set new intentions for our spiritual journey.

It's a time to draw closer to God, deepen our faith, and align our lives with His purpose. In this blog post, we will explore the ten best spiritual intentions to set this fall, providing you with guidance and inspiration for a season of growth and renewal. What could be better than that?!

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1. Cultivate Gratitude

This comes as no secret to you, but fall is the season of harvest, a time when we see the fruits of our labor. It's the perfect opportunity to cultivate gratitude in our hearts. Start each day with a thankful heart, listing the blessings and gifts God has provided. Gratitude not only draws us closer to God but also shifts our perspective to focus on His abundance rather than our lacks.

2. Embrace Change

Just as the trees shed their leaves in the fall, we too must be willing to let go of what no longer serves us. Embrace change in your life, surrendering your fears and doubts to God. Trust that He has a purpose for every season and that He is leading you towards growth and transformation.

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3. Dive into Scripture

Now is the time to immerse yourself in the word of God. Right now? Yep, it's time! Make it a spiritual intention to read and study the Bible regularly, especially now that we're beginning to wrap up 2023. Consider joining a Bible study group or following a reading plan to deepen your understanding of God's teachings. His word is a lamp unto our feet, guiding us on our spiritual journey.

4. Foster Community

Community is the name of the game this time of year! We gather for harvest festivals and Thanksgiving dinners, reminding us of the importance of living life alongside other Christians. Make an effort to foster deeper connections with your Christian fellowship this season. Attend church events, join small groups, or simply reach out to fellow believers to strengthen your faith together.

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5. Practice Mindfulness

As the pace of life slows down in the fall, take the opportunity to practice mindfulness. Spend time in nature, observing God's creation, and allowing His presence to wash over you. Mindfulness helps us stay present in the moment, enabling us to hear God's voice and receive His much-needed guidance.

6. Engage in Prayer and Fasting

Fall is a season of self-reflection and spiritual preparation. Consider setting aside time for prayer and fasting to draw nearer to God. Fasting can be a powerful way to align your spirit with His, seeking His wisdom and strength as you surrender your desires and needs to Him.

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7. Serve Others

Jesus taught us the importance of serving others, and fall is an ideal time to put this into practice. Volunteer at local shelters, food banks, or community events. By serving others, you not only reflect Christ's love but also find fulfillment in fulfilling His purpose for your life.

8. Seek Forgiveness and Reconciliation

Fall reminds us of the importance of forgiveness and reconciliation. Just as the trees shed their leaves, we should let go of grudges and seek reconciliation with those we may have conflicts with. God calls us to be peacemakers, and this season is a perfect time to mend broken relationships.

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9. Set Spiritual Goals

With the start of a new season, it's a great time to set spiritual goals. What areas of your faith do you want to grow in? Whether it's deepening your prayer life, increasing your knowledge of the Bible, or becoming more generous, setting clear spiritual goals can help you stay on track and experience growth.

10. Reflect on Your Calling

Lastly, fall is a season of reflection on your calling and purpose in life. Take time to seek God's guidance on the path He has set before you. What talents and gifts has He blessed you with, and how can you use them to further His kingdom? Be open to His leading and trust that He will equip you for the journey ahead.

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As the leaves fall and the world around us changes, let us embrace the opportunity for personal and spiritual growth. These ten spiritual intentions are just the beginning of the transformative journey you can embark on this fall. Cultivate gratitude, embrace change, and immerse yourself in God's word. Foster community, practice mindfulness, and seek His presence through prayer and fasting. Serve others, seek forgiveness, and set clear spiritual goals. Finally, reflect on your calling and trust that God has a purpose for this season of your life.

Fall. Faith. Family.

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This fall, let your faith be a source of inspiration and renewal. With these intentions as your guide, you can draw nearer to God and experience a season of spiritual growth and transformation like never before. Of course, be sure to check out our Christian t-shirts and accessories, too! We've got all the fall designs needed to remind you of Jesus' great love. What could be better than that?!