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Christian Date Night Ideas for Couples

Christian Date Night Ideas for Couples

Posted by Dave & Katie

September 22, 2021

Today’s world is spinning so fast that it seems the days and weeks simply fly by without us taking much notice. Ask the average parent of a teenager how quickly those toddler years flew by. Marriage is similar in that on our wedding day, we feel the years will surely ebb and flow, but we wake up one day and realize that they have instead zoomed by. That is why it is imperative to take time out, purposeful, planned time away with your spouse, to ensure that you keep your marriage a priority. Not only that but making these date nights God-focused further enhances the relationship, and it once again brings to the forefront the importance of faith in a healthy marriage or relationship.

Take Part in Church Events

If you are blessed enough to have a church that offers regular events, this is a great way to incorporate your faith into your scheduled date nights. If your church doesn’t currently offer this, be the impetus to getting it started and suggest it to your family and/or marriage ministry leader. Good examples of couple events could include dinner on the ground with games to follow or even include a group visit to a local attraction or marriage conference. Even if the event isn’t purposefully designed for couples, you and your spouse can work together at a church event as a way to spend time with each other and work for the Lord simultaneously.

Watch a Movie With a Message

There are countless movies available that highlight Christian values or have a spiritual undertone. While they could be labeled Christian, you could also enjoy those that were written by Christian authors and together seek to find the Christian message hidden in the storyline. For example, the Narnia and Lord of the Rings series were both written by people of faith and each has elements of faith interwoven into the storylines. In addition, there are several good movies that are labeled Christian that you could watch, some even that are focused on building strong marriages, such as Kirk Cameron's FireProof. Regardless of whether the movie is labeled “Christian,” choosing one that is clean and doesn’t bring any counter Christian elements into your lives is ideal. If you aren’t sure a movie is well suited to your Christian faith, you can check its review on This website features comprehensive reviews (be careful of spoilers) on various movies that you might consider seeing as a couple. It will outline any happenings within the movie that goes against your faith.

Buy a Small Christian Gift for Your Significant Other

Yes, anniversaries and birthdays provide an opportunity to treat your spouse, but you can also get them something small for no reason at all. That makes it somehow even more special and appreciated because it is unexpected. One way to combine gift giving with your faith is to purchase a Christian gift for your spouse from Love in Faith. It truly is the thought that counts, it’s not a requirement that you spend a fortune, but that you show your significant other that they matter and that you were thinking about them. Another example of a gift— if money is a problem— is to do some service for your spouse, taking care of a chore you know they dislike or filling their car up with gas. Really, doing anything that you don’t “have” to do for your spouse could be considered giving them a gift. Of course, if you can afford something small, then by all means do that!

Read a Devotional That You Both Enjoy

Couple's Devotional

Another selection on our Christian date ideas for couples list is to read a devotional together. Scriptures are powerful in the life of believers and spending time reading the word and learning to grow closer to God together as a couple is time well spent. You can either read it together or read as individuals on your own then spend your date night conversing about what you have read or learned throughout the week. If devotions aren’t your thing, you can instead opt to read books written by Christian authors together that share faith within the story. This can be both fiction or books based on real life. Biographies are often very entertaining and a great conversation prompts as you together learn about a hero of the faith or historical figure.

Sip Tea or Coffee and Have a Conversation

Finally, to enjoy date night as a Christian couple, use the time together to talk over tea or coffee (or whatever other beverage or treat you prefer). You can talk about anything that is important to you as a couple, including your thoughts and feelings about various matters pertaining to your current life and the one you hope to build in the future. This time of conversation is important as it gives you the chance to really connect as a couple. If you don’t take the time to simply talk to each other, you will wake up one day and realize you no longer really know each other. This is often the beginning of the breakdown of relationships. Don’t let this failure to communicate, drifting away, process happen to you!

Bottom Line: Date Night Matters

Faith Bracelet

While it might seem as if you are being frivolous spending money to get a sitter and/or go out to eat or do any of the other ideas listed above, making your marriage a priority is far from inconsequential. In fact, ensuring that you spend quality time together on a regular basis can be a difference between a strong, healthy marriage with two souls in connection and one that is merely two people residing in the same house and taking care of shared responsibilities. Don’t forget you can also purchase items from Love in Faith to give your spouse. These items feature encouraging messages that will inspire you as a couple to continue living a Christian life.