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Christian Gift Guide

Christian Gift Guide

Posted by Dave & Katie

October 21, 2021

Amazingly, the beginning of the holiday season is nearly upon us. Therefore, now is the perfect time to get a head start on your gift buying this year and maybe complete your list before the holiday season arrives, giving you the ability to truly enjoy the season this year! Consider the following collections—that include a bit of something for everyone on your list— from our line of faith apparel Christian inspirational gifts at Love in Faith:

Women’s Christian Tees

Our women’s Christian tee collection features all the favorite popular looks of today. In addition to feeling amazing, and pairing great with your favorite jeans and a sweater for the holiday season, these shirts also feature uplifting messages that any woman of faith would be proud to wear. Sweet messages like “Lord You Can” or “Be Still and Know” or lyrics from the song “Way Maker” are just a few options. Of course, there are also some tees for those with a good sense of humor like the “Why Ya’ll Trying to Test The Jesus in Me?” tee. Suffice it to say there is something for every woman of faith in this collection. There are also many fall-themed options you can get right now to enjoy before autumn gives way to winter. Messages like “Flannels, Bonfires, Pumpkins and Jesus” or “Thankful and Blessed” or “Grateful, Thankful, Blessed” are just a few options, all featuring fall colors and pumpkins, leaves or turkeys.

Men’s Christian Tees

For the Godly man in your life, we have another line that is ideal for them, featuring men’s Christian tees. The colors are more masculine than the feminine variety and the messages are a bit more straight to the point, and aren’t campy or overdone, meaning they could be worn in a variety of settings without seeming out of place. Messages like “Faith”, “Worship,” and “His Will, His Way, My Faith” are just a few of the options.

Christmas Faith Collection: Christian Christmas Gift Ideas

With the commercialization of the Christmas season, it can be difficult to remember the reason for it all, celebrating our Savior’s birth. This Christmas collection puts you into the right frame of mind to remember the true “reason for the season.”

Faith Jewelry

Christian Jewelry

Jewelry is a simple way to communicate a message and makes a great gift for those on your shopping list this year. Within our Christian jewelry collection, you can choose from a wide range of options including a variety of rings, earrings, bracelets and necklaces. These messages of faith allow you to truly live out the scripture of Proverbs 6:21 which tells us how to share and recall the message of God by doing the following: “bind them always on your heart; fasten them around your neck.” Some of our most popular options feature the word “Blessed” or “Faith” in beautiful script. Another option features the words “Faith over Fear" and is artistically appointed. All options are sure to become favorites this year.

Christian Hats: Christian Gift Items

Another common trend this year is to pull your hair up in a pony and throw a cute hat over it for a day at the ball field or the pumpkin patch. These Christian hats are simply perfect for any woman who wants to look cute while still conveying an important message of faith to all around her. Messages like “Blessed,” “Blessed Mama,” “Faith, Hope and Love,” and “It is Well With my Soul” are just a few options in this collection. Another fun variety includes this play on the verse Matthew 5:13, “You are the salt of the earth” and simply says “Salty", which is a fun conversation starter to be sure.

Christian Tumblers

Another way to carry the message of Christ with you or to gift someone else this holiday season is our Christian tumblers collection. You can choose from fall-themed offerings that include messages like “All the Jesus and Pumpkin Things” or choose a beautiful tumbler with flowers that states “Blessed Beyond Measure.” Other options include a more understated message of faith with a wood grain look that has the word “Faith” and a cross, or a colorful option with butterflies that includes the simple message “I Can Do All Things Through Christ who Strengthens Me."

Christian Mugs

There is nothing better than enjoying a warm cup of coffee on a chilly morning or snuggling up by the fire with some hot cocoa in the evening. The Christian mugs in our collection allow you to do all that and more. By using them or gifting them to someone else, you are sharing your faith with the world. Choose from a wide variety of messages and looks including messages like “Praise The Lord and Pass the Coffee,” “Start Each Day With a Grateful Heart,” or “Give me Coffee to get Started and Jesus to Keep me Going.” There are also some beautiful Christmas mugs as well in our Christian Christmas gifts collection, which include messages like “Love Came Down, For Unto Us a Child is Born,” “Christ the Savior is Born,” or the fun “Dance Like Frosty, Shine Like Rudolph, Give Like Santa, Love Like Jesus.”

Christmas Canvas

Faith Themed Canvas

Last but certainly not least in our Christian Gift Guide is our faith-themed canvas prints. These works of art with images and scripts go with a wide range of decor themes and are modernly inspired, keeping the latest home design trends in mind. In addition, each and every one communicates a powerful message of faith, making them an ideal gift to give someone else or to buy for yourself to display in your home or office. Some examples of the messages you can find on these prints include “God is Within Her, She Will not Fall” based on Psalm 46:5, “In Every Season, I Will Praise Him” or “God is my Refuge and Strength” and even some themed for the various seasons.

Now’s The Time to Plan Ahead & Tackle Your Christmas List

Choose from the wide selection of our Christian gifts and apparel from Love in Faith’s collections to get ahead on your Christmas shopping this season. While we know that gift-giving is not the purpose of the Christmas season, it is an opportunity for you to be a blessing to those in your life who deserve a bit of attention and appreciation through Christian gift ideas. Go ahead and mark some items off your list this year and share a message of faith with all those in your life with the very best Christian gifts available.

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