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Guide to Christian Living

A Guide to Christian Living

Posted by Dave & Katie

August 04, 2021

This is a guide to Christian living that breaks down the process of living in your truth as you become closer in your walk with God. Why do you need a Christian guide? Consider this a blueprint for keeping things in perspective. Living the Christian life can be challenging, but your purpose is stronger.

Living right is something we should all strive to do, but accepting the Christian life takes things a little more seriously. What does it mean to be a Christian? Many people consider going to church or saying that you believe in God are the only two things you need. Truthfully, there is so much more to being a Christian. While good works, praying for your enemies and others and having a heart of selflessness are all part of the foundation, being a Christian is a commitment. It’s a shift in your mindset and behavior which is reflected in everything you do.

What is Christian Living?

Christian living taking the time to know God intimately and trusting in his word. It’s about living by faith, honoring God, and believing His grace is sufficient through prayer and deed to live a fulfilling life. Living as a Christian doesn’t mean you have to become someone who doesn’t enjoy life, but it sets a standard of living that helps you on your journey.

Factors of Living a Christian Life

There are a few basic factors to help start your journey to living a Christian life. That means living right – straying away from negativity or harmful thoughts and actions; operating in service to others; loving God and others; having an expectation of excellence and good things. Incorporating prayer into your daily life, being obedient, walk in love, avoid temptation, and having faith are all part of living a fulfilling Christian life.

You Are Not Alone

People of all ages work on their relationship with God continuously. It is never too late to start building your relationship with God and others, understanding that we are always a work in progress. The Christian walk is a process that needs refining every day. You can walk confidently knowing there are others striving for the same goals.

Everyday Work

No one is perfect, so resetting your mind every day is key to aligning yourself with the factors of living a Christian life. This is an ongoing relationship, and one size does not fit all. The beauty of your relationship with God is that it’s yours to nurture and maintain. You can feel comfort in knowing God is always listening, and you can speak to him just like one of your closest friends.



It’s easy to get sidetracked in your walk with God. Having the right kind of support during your process of living a fulfilling Christian life makes a difference. Living a Christian life can be a struggle, especially with so many things of this world designed to distract and destroy. Finding the right kind of people to have around you keeps you disciplined and focused on the path to righteousness.

Our Part in Living the Christian Life

As a Christian, we have responsibilities that are different from God’s when we are on our path to living a Christian life. As you go through your journey, being a witness and sharing your testimony not only helps you but helps others in their walk as well.

Our Responsibilities:

There are seven responsibilities to living a Christian life:

  • Love - We are to love others as we love ourselves. In the Bible, 1 Corinthians 13:4-8 says, “Love is patient and kind, love is not envious or boastful or arrogant or rude. It does not insist on its own way; it is not irritable or resentful; it does not rejoice in wrongdoing but rejoices in the truth. Love never ends.”
  • Virtue - Always giving the best of yourself through doing good. Showing compassion, being gentle, and showing generosity are all part of being virtuous. Consider virtue the moral compass that guides your thinking and keeps you away from negative and destructive actions.
  • Kindness - It costs nothing to be kind. Being kind means showing mercy and forgiveness to those who may have wronged you, lending a helping hand when needed, and being selfless in everything you do.
  • Knowledge - To know better is to do better. We are tasked with acquiring the knowledge needed to keep us on the right path and sharing that knowledge with others so that they may also experience the joy of living under the protection of Christ.
  • Godliness - Being aware of your walk and demonstrating your relationship with God every day is one of the best ways to demonstrate godliness. That means exhibiting patience, staying away from mind-altering substances, being modest and hospitable. Demonstrating godliness helps you grow in your daily walk.
  • Self-Control - We are to display self-control in our walk. Every day we are faced with situations that may make us angry or disappointed. This is to be expected but controlling negative thoughts and toxic displays can be difficult. Showing self-control is a part of your testimony and protects you. Self-control is an important part of your journey.
  • Endurance - The Bible says never grow weary of doing good because you will reap the benefits in the end. That means staying the course no matter how it looks or feels, having faith that God is in control and will help you see it through.
Christian Purpose

Be gracious in all things. When you live by the factors of Christian living, do the work every day, realize you are not alone and have a support system, do your part and live by your responsibilities, you will succeed. There are no shortcuts to living a Christian life, but by sharing your faith and being a witness to others, you increase the Body of Christ.

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