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Happy Labor Day

Happy Labor Day

Posted by Dave Wolfe

September 10, 2018

What comes to your mind when you think of Labor Day? I know I think of not being able to wear white pants anymore, all the huge retail sales, cookouts and of course, a break from the labor of long day’s work. However, Labor Day is so much more than what immediately comes to mind when we think of Labor Day.

Labor Day represents a rich history of strength and prosperity in the United States. Since the 1800’s, individuals looked for opportunities to celebrate the achievements of the American worker. Many different labor groups chose a variety of days each year to celebrate labor and the fruit that was produced from that labor. The labor movement began to notice these celebrations and started pushing to make these celebrations a nationwide holiday.

In 1894, the labor movement was successful. Labor Day was deemed a federal holiday that would be observed for all the years to come. On this Labor Day, I hope we can all remember our nation’s success in the workplace and the sovereign hand that guided it all. When we sleep in, buy those clothes at a discounted rate, grill out in the backyard and begin to prepare for fall weather, may we reminded of the hard workers that helped create a legacy of social and economic success in the United States.

When this day is over, let us continue to work hard joyfully so we might leave our own legacy. Happy Labor Day and God Bless!