Love in Faith: Beyond the Brand

Our founders, Katie and Dave, met back in 2017. Brought together by their shared love for Jesus and their entrepreneurial spirit, they decided to start an online business that would make an impact in their community, something that would bring people together in a big way. They decided to start a clothing brand where the love of Jesus would be at the forefront. 

Growing up in the Christian community, they were discouraged at the faith-based apparel that was available to them. They were met with bland, impersonal Christian clothing that didn’t really reflect the fun and enthusiasm of being a believer in Christ. It was time they created their own faith-based apparel that showcased the unparalleled energy and joy that the Christian community had to offer—something that people would actually like to wear! 

"Through their passion to give back and be a source of hope, they’ve certainly proved that faith is always in style."

They set off to work, learning as they went, spending every spare minute they could to grow the business in their own home. They worked tirelessly, often clocking in their workdays at 18 hours, 6 days a week, only taking days off to observe the Sabbath. At first, they were shipping orders out of their home, with the orders piling up and up and up on their kitchen counters. They knew something needed to change. They needed space—and a team to support their vision, too.

Since then, Love in Faith has become a beloved global brand. They’ve revolutionized what faith-based apparel can do for the community. With countless design options for clothing and accessories, they’ve provided a fun yet stylish way for believers to be supported in their faith, as well as a way to share the love of Jesus with the world. Through their passion to give back and be a source of hope, they’ve certainly proved that faith is always in style.

Reviews (6 comments)

  • Delma M CARRASCO On

    Good morning, will the Love like JESUS sunflower black t-shirt be available?

  • Laura Baker On

    My niece turned me on to you guys. I LOVE your designs! So many to choose from, it’s hard to choose. Please put me on your distribution list. God bless you abundantly and exceedingly!

  • Judith Carlson On

    I purchased a NOY TODAY SATIN tee shirt and it has a white part of a stamp at the neck line. This mark was under a printed peel off tag. As I pulled off the tag and this white imprint, which I thought was part of the tag does not come off. How can I exchange this shirt with you? Please advise. Thanks
    Judith Carlson
    Please text me. 708 692 7147

  • Jen On

    I absolutely love your shirts, they comfortable and each one I buy hits home. I can put them on depending on how I feel that day or whatever it is I am going through and they remind me it will all be ok and to keep my eyes on Jesus. Thank you so much for sharing the gospel.

  • Rosemary way On

    Please send me shirts on sale You have a beautiful pieces

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