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Share the Word of God with Others

How to Share the Word of God with Others?

Posted by Dave & Katie

August 04, 2021

God loves us and everyone. We feel God's love for us when we struggle to make decisions and feel a sense of peace. We also feel it when we are ill or a family member is ill, and God comforts us. We feel God's love when we see nature or any other blessings God has given us.

Feeling God's love ourselves, however, isn't enough. We are called to share God's word with others. We are called to love our neighbors, and part of that love is helping them to have the relationship with God that we have. Sharing our faith also helps us articulate our own beliefs better and to grow ourselves.

Here are some ideas on how to share the word of God with others.

Carry Your Bible With You Always

We learn about God through Scripture. One way to tell others about God is to use Scripture effectively. For example, if someone is afraid, we could read them Psalm 23, which talks about God being with us and comforting us. Or if they face uncertainty, we could share Romans 8:28, which says that God works all things together for God for those called to God's purpose.

Invite Friends to Church

If we are going to see a movie we know our friends would like, we don't hesitate to invite them. But often, we are shy about inviting them to church. Yet, at church, they can hear the greatest love story ever told -- that of Jesus loving them so much that he died for them. Conquering our shyness and inviting them can be the first start toward them leading a transformed and richer life.

Wear Faith Clothing and Jewelry

Faith Based Jewelry

If we are shy about sharing the word of God, wearing clothing and accessories that proclaim our faith can help. A tee-shirt with Scripture or another faith message might prompt them to ask us about it. Then, we can answer their questions directly. Love in Faith has a diverse selection of clothing and jewelry that can serve as great conversation starters.

Talk Openly About Your Faith

We talk about our children, grandchildren, pets, and job easily in conversation. But we sometimes make excuses instead of talking about our faith. We think others won't want to hear it or hesitate to push something on anyone else.

Our faith, however, is a large part of our identity. People can't really get to know us without also getting to know God. When we talk about our faith, we share what we believe, just as we share what we believe about a local issue or our child's education. We don't use "ought" or "should" language; instead, we trust that as we share the authentic faith we have, the Holy Spirit will work in the hearts of the other person to enable them to receive our message.

Share Your Salvation Story With Others

People can identify with our stories. When we share our thoughts and feelings at the moment of our conversion, we provide context for others about what they might think and feel. Our own experiences are authentic, and no one can really argue with us about what we think or feel. Our experience brings Scripture to life.

Recommend Christian Faith Books to Others

If a book has been meaningful to us, chances are it will be meaningful to others. We can share our faith by recommending faith books to others when they might find them most beneficial. For example, if a relative has died, we might share a book about eternal life. Or, if a friend has asked questions about a faith tee-shirt we wore, we might recommend a book that expands on that faith concept. We also might consider buying some of these special books for our friends. We might also consider buying a Bible for them also as they continue to seek answers to their questions.

Invite Friends to Fellowship/Prayer Groups

Sometimes friends are reluctant to go to church with you because they fear meeting a lot of new people at one time or because they're unsure of exactly what to do at different points in the service. They may be more receptive to attending a small group first. If you don't regularly attend a fellowship or prayer group, consider starting one yourself. Small groups are a great way to grow in your faith and to receive support in living as disciples.

Give a Faith Based Gift

Buying and giving others a faith-based gift is another way to share faith. Mugs, hats, tote bags, jewelry, and apparel are examples of items that can share the word of God while also being a great gift. Love in Faith has an excellent assortment of faith-based gifts.

Use Social Media to Share Faith

Facebook and other social media have various groups and pages based around faith. Joining these groups can help you grow your own faith. Posting religious images, quotes, and devotions on them and on your own pages is an effective way to share your faith.

Be An Example

We are created in the image of God and adopted as God's children through Christ. Our goal is to live our lives in a way that is worthy of that adoption. Jesus provided an example of how we should live. When we live as Jesus taught us, people will see the word of God in us. This will inspire them to learn more about God.

In Closing

Share Your Faith

Sharing the word of God is an act of love for God and others. It also helps us to connect more fully with our own faith. Inviting others to church or small groups, sharing Scripture and faith-based books, and telling our own stories are all effective ways to share the Gospel. Wearing Love in Faith clothing and jewelry and giving them to our friends also effectively share God's word.