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Church Partnership Program

Receive a 30% kickback for your church by partnering with Love in Faith. Be part of Love in Faith’s mission to spread the gospel through fashion with affordable and stylish Christian apparel!

Reasons to join Love in Faith’s Church Partnership Program:

✅  Minimum of 30% kickback per order (Average order is $40 which makes for a $12 kickback per order!)

✅  Unique discount code customized to your church

✅  $20 per partnership referral sign up (Have other churches that would make a great partner? Send them our way!)

✅  Monthly tier based rewards

✅  Access to our in house team for product knowledge, marketing materials, and assistance at all times

To join our partnership program, you will need to create a Refersion account. If you don’t have a Refersion account, click here to join or fill out the form below!

We look forward to working with you and supporting your church! Please direct all comments, questions, or concerns to

Join today and let’s spread His word together!