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Christian Christmas Crafts for Kids

Christian Christmas Crafts for Kids

Posted by Dave & Katie

November 05, 2021

The beauty and majesty of the night Jesus was born thousands of years ago is still appreciated and embraced today in the form of our Christmas celebrations. In many cases, the nativity or the birth of Christ is the first introduction of Jesus to small children. Therefore, the entire season of Christmas presents the ideal opportunity to introduce young children to their savior by sharing about His birth. One easy way to go about this and to incorporate children into the process is to create Christmas-themed crafts. We have compiled a few options you can try that will enable you to share this wonderful story about God with children. It also is a great way to spend some quality time together as you work to create these fun pieces of art. This is the perfect way to spend a chilly afternoon indoors, complete with a fire burning, cookies baking and some fun Christmas music or Christmas movies playing in the background. Why not start a new tradition this year by trying one or more of the following Christmas crafts?

Stained Glass Nativity

As mentioned above, the nativity is a vital part of the Christmas celebration for those of us in the Christian faith. Now, while children are young, is the ideal time to share the story of Jesus’ birth and His humble origins. You can find fabric or plastic nativities that will allow kids to play with, feel, touch and hold each piece. However, if you don’t have a nativity you want to be handled, why not make your own by crafting this stained glass nativity? That way, you and your children are able to talk about the story while you construct this beautiful craft. All you need to complete this easy craft is contact paper, a nativity silhouette you can print out, colorful tissue paper you have pre-cut into squares and a pair of scissors.


  • Print and cut out the nativity silhouette.
  • Lay your contact paper sticky side up.
  • Center your nativity on top of the contact paper.
  • Place the square tissue papers inside the silhouette to create the look of stained-glass around the Holy family.
  • Once filled entirely with tissue paper, add a second layer of contact paper over top to keep it all together. Make sure you smooth it out, removing any air bubbles.
  • Trim the excess contact paper.
  • Tape your created stained-glass nativity to your window to see the light shine through around the silhouette of Jesus, Mary and Joseph.

  • Paper Plate Angel

    Paper Plate Angel

    Angels play a big role in the Christmas story. We often see them portrayed in the nativity alongside the shepherds and the Holy family. We are also told in the Bible that they approached the shepherds and told them about the birth of Christ. Even before the big event, an angel appeared to Mary, telling her of the child to come. Suffice it to say, they played an important role in the entire story. Therefore, they make a good focus for a Christmas craft for kids. Thankfully, this paper plate angel is easy to make and is a great way to focus on these beautiful heavenly beings and share the role they played in the entire story unfolding. All you need to complete this craft is some paper plates and construction paper of which you can cut hand prints out, crayons or paint and some glue.


  • Color or paint the paper plate in the color of your choosing. We recommend you use all-white paper plates to make this process easier. This will be the angel’s body.
  • Fold the right and left sides of each plate, making the angel’s gown.
  • Cut a circle out of your construction paper to make your angel’s face and glue it on top of the plate.
  • Trace your child’s hands on the construction paper then cut the hand print-outs. Glue the hand prints to the plate to become the angel’s wings.

  • Christmas Symbols Kit

    Aside from the most important nativity, other symbols of the season often accompany the celebration of Christmas. For example, Christmas trees, presents, bells, stars, candy canes, etc. all play a role in almost everyone’s Christmas festivities. This Christmas symbols kit craft is a neat and fairly easy way to use these symbols as prompts to teach children about the true reason for the season. You can find most of the symbols at crafting stores already made. You then get a Ziploc bag to compile this group of symbols and print out then laminate a card that shares the meaning behind each symbol of Christmas. Add other symbols and come up with connections between them and the story of Jesus' birth. Here's a few to get you started:


  • Create a laminated card that gives the following message pertaining to each common Christmas symbol:
  • Tree Evergreen: Christmas tree represents eternal life.
  • Star: Star that told of Christ’s birth.
  • Candy cane: Looks like the staff of the shepherds who visited baby Jesus.
  • Gifts: Wise men gave gifts to Jesus. We give gifts today to share our love with others. God gave us the gift of His son, which is the greatest gift ever given.

  • Christmas Countdown Service Chain

    Christmas Chain

    This craft highlights another important element of a well-rounded Christmas celebration, the importance of service.The idea is to create a chain made of construction-paper links that have been fitted together, called a Christmas countdown service chain. Hang in one prominent location in your home and begin on December 1st. Together, you and your children will tear off a link daily, counting down to the special day of Christmas. However, beyond merely standing for a day passing, getting ever closer to Christmas, each ring will include a type of service. Therefore, the act of service outlined for that day will be completed each day. These acts of service don’t have to be complicated. For example, acts of service could include “be nice to my sister” or “shovel the snow from the neighbor’s walk,” or “ write a nice note to a friend”, etc. The idea is to allow kids to come up with ideas, while you direct and make suggestions. Keep it super simple for smaller children and allow older kids to branch out beyond the family as much as possible to perform their acts of service. You can choose to have each child have their own service chain or have one for the entire family to complete together.

    Have Fun With These Christmas Craft Ideas for Kids

    One Star Mug

    Above all, these Christian Christmas crafts for kids are all designed to allow you and your children to have fun together, while you focus on teaching them the important facts about the birth of Christ, which is the reason for the season. Also, don’t forget about our Love in Faith’s Christmas collection, or choose from a variety of decor items that all share the message of Christ.

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