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Fall Activities

Fall Activities

Posted by Dave & Katie

October 08, 2021

Fall presents the perfect time to slow down and be mindful of God’s goodness. The beautiful way the leaves change colors calls to mind the changes God makes in all our lives to make us more beautiful in His sight. In addition, the pleasantly mild temperatures allow for many outdoor opportunities without either the oppressive heat of summer or the chill of winter. Therefore, it is the ideal time of year to get the family together for some fall fun. Read on for more ideas on how to do just that:

Fall Activities for Kids

In this section, we will outline some fun ways to keep kids engaged during fall. These ideas are all family-friendly options that can be enjoyed by the whole family.


Crafting is one fun way to enjoy the fall season and a great indoor alternative if the weather turns too frigid or is rainy. There are countless posts available that can give you several ideas to try for fall crafts. The following are a few of our favorites:

Thankfulness Pumpkin: Cut out several strips of orange construction paper, along with a leaf shape in green construction paper and one long strip of green or brown for the stem. Then, on each strip of orange, let kids tell you some things they are thankful for, like family, God, the pretty leaves, etc. Then you can either write these down for them on the strips or if they are able, allow them to write it themselves. Once every strip has a message, tape or staple together to form a pumpkin out of the strips. Finish the pumpkin off by adding a curly stem and leaves.

Grow With Jesus, Sunflower Craft: Sunflowers are another symbol of fall. In fact, it is often thought of as the quintessential flower of the season. With this craft, you first make a sunflower using construction paper. Then, allow kids to write on each petal of the flower to represent a way they can grow in Jesus. For example, kids might say things like, learn more about God, be helpful, be kind to others, etc. Glue on brown puffballs to make the seed portion of the flower to finish off the craft.

Gather Pine Cones and Acorns and Paint in Fall Colors: Another way to enjoy the fall season with kids is gathering fall items from outdoors and then decorating them for indoor display. Pine cones and acorns work great, you can gather and paint them. Have kids gather the prettiest leaves they can find as well. Put together for a beautiful fall display. (Be prepared as this can get a bit messy and might be best to do outside on a more pleasant weather day.)

Visit a Orchard or Farm and Bake Together

Child Picking Apple

Another great way to enjoy fall as a family is by visiting local orchards or farms. Use this trip as a way to explain how God provides for us through the planting and harvesting seasons. Explain that within each apple and pumpkin are seeds that grow up into the end result we get to enjoy today. In the same way, God helps us to grow up and become closer to Him. In addition, bake apple pies or roast pumpkin seeds together or prepare other fun fall treats. Chex Mix is a fun family favorite and is ideally suited to bring kids in on the preparation process.

Go on a Nature Walk

As mentioned above, fall weather can be absolutely beautiful, with temperatures that are mild and pleasant. Take advantage of such days and get kids outdoors and enjoy nature, which is given to us by a loving heavenly Father. During your walk, look for evidence of God’s goodness all around, such as the brilliant blue sky or the apples growing on the trees. Ask kids to tell you what blessings they have experienced lately or what they are thankful to God for at the present moment.

Write About Your Gratitude

Be sure to jot down your thoughts on what you are grateful for, so you can look back and enjoy later. You can either do this together as a group or individually then have a set time to share. Help children to realize that all of us have much to be thankful for, no matter our situation in life.

Attend Church Functions

Many churches host fun faith-focused fall festivals on their grounds during the fall season. They can include fun games, scrumptious baked goods, cooking and/or dress-up contests and more. Check with your home church or other nearby congregations to see what’s available.

Fall Activities for Adults

Fall fun isn’t only for children. Adults can get on the act as well and enjoy this splendid time of year by trying the following activities:

Take a Scenic Drive

Fall is one of the best times of year to take a scenic drive with the one you love. Use this time to not only enjoy the beauty of God’s creation displayed before your eyes in the form of a symphony of colored leaves, but also talk about how great God has been in each of your lives.

Apple Pie

Bake a Pie for a Neighbor

This is the ideal time to bake, especially apple pies, thanks to the prevalence and availability of apples during fall. Turn baking a pie into a fun outing by enjoying an orchard and stocking up on ingredients. Then, come home and bake away. Why not bake more than you need and share with a neighbor or friend?

Watch Fall Themed Movies

Another way to enjoy the fall as an adult is to watch fall-themed or even just favorite movies together. The temperatures begin cooling and the days start shortening, which makes movie night, with a bowl of freshly prepared popcorn so much fun!

Attend a Church Function or Help Your Community

Last, but certainly not least, attend or even help with fall or harvest festivals along with your significant other. Churches need all the volunteers they can get for these events, so your help will be immensely appreciated. What a great way to spend a day together, helping your church!

Bottom Line: Have Fun This Fall

Thankful Grateful Blessed Shirt

The fun fall activities for families and other activities to do in the fall listed above are just a few of the many possibilities you can try this season. Don’t forget to wear your apparel from Love in Faith’s fall collection to further communicate God’s message to those around you while you enjoy your fall fun!