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Things Christians Should Do More

Things Christians Should Do More

Posted by Dave & Katie

August 10, 2021

As Christians, we are called to live a life set apart from the world. While we do have to work to earn money and pay bills, our purpose for living isn’t simply to make another mortgage payment or obtain worldly pursuits. Instead, our purpose is eternal, our goal heaven, our reward immense. Therefore, as a follower of Christ, a believer, we are called to live a life like no other. To challenge yourself to be more committed to Christ, making it clear to all around you that you are a follower of Christ.

Why This is Important

Before moving to the changes you can make that will draw you closer to Christ, it’s important to consider why that is important in the first place. In reality, there are many reasons, not merely one, that living for Christ should be a priority for us as believers. This could include being a witness for Christ, pointing others to Him through us. It could also include garnering a closer personal relationship with Christ so that when things can and do go wrong in life you have a firm foundation, a place to land, roots deeply planted that will keep you from swaying with the worries and tribulations of the world. Therefore, these improvements in our daily walk with Christ won’t only serve to strengthen our own lives and our own faith, but will in turn, ideally, draw others to Christ through us. Now, onto the topic at hand, what about the stuff Christians do or should do…

Pray for Yourself and Others

Praying is our way to communicate with God. It is the connection between earth and heaven, the way our spirit communicates with God. In the gospels, Jesus explains to his disciples and by extension all of us as believers how to pray. It is during this point in the scripture when Jesus outlines what has come to be known as the Lord’s prayer. While we don’t have to repeat the prayer verbatim, it is helpful to use this as a guideline of sorts, showing us the elements that are most important in prayer.

In addition, in many other areas of the Bible, we are told over and over the importance of prayer, the power of prayer and the benefit of making this a daily habit. In fact, according to 1 Thessalonians 5:16-18, we are told to “rejoice always, pray continually, give thanks in all circumstances; for this is God’s will for you in Christ Jesus.”

While it is impossible to remain in a perpetual state of prayer, down on one’s knees, for example, that is not what this verse is advising. It is instead speaking of a heart of prayer. Having our thoughts always on God. Praying for our needs and those of others when they are placed on our hearts.

Read the Bible

The Bible is God’s word. It is our only way to be instructed by God when it comes to making various decisions or when in need of comfort. As a believer, it’s important to develop a regular habit of Bible reading. This will ensure you are always seeking God’s instruction for your life, for situations you are facing or for encouragement. Knowing God’s word well is key when facing trials or simply when living life in a fallen world. While the particular time of day you spend in the word of God isn’t important, establishing a regular habit of getting in God’s word at some point on a daily basis is vital towards maintaining a close relationship with God.

Love Others

Love Others

Another important thing all Christians should do on a daily basis is love others. This includes other believers, of course, but also those who don’t share our faith. In fact, in some ways loving those who aren’t Christians could be seen as even more important than loving other believers. This is because those who do not know God are only experiencing him through us as believers. Therefore, in essence, we are sharing Christ with others through our love each day. If we are unkind to them or cruel with our words or deeds, then what kind of message would this give them about Christ?

Forgive Yourself and Others

We all fall short of God’s glory each and every day. Therefore, another important element for Christians to make a regular habit of in our lives is to forgive ourselves and forgive others. This is important as to hold back forgiveness will only serve to make us bitter. Of course, this doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t hold yourself or others accountable for bad behavior. It just means that you shouldn’t obsess over what others have done wrong or what you have done wrong in life. Instead, daily, we should come to Christ and ask forgiveness for where we fail Him and offer forgiveness to others when they wrong us as well.

Reflect on Your Sins

While it does not seem fun to reflect on your sin, it’s a necessary daily habit for believers. This is because without focusing on where we have gone wrong, without looking at where we have failed, we can’t hope to improve and get closer to God. We have to look for our own shortcomings in order to know where we need to work and improve.

Do These Daily

Love God Love People

The aforementioned points are all elements you should incorporate into your daily walk with the Lord. If you don’t currently do them all, seek to add them into the midst of your daily routine. If you are already doing them, you can feel accomplished knowing you are on the right track in living a life committed to Christ. To further share your faith with others and as a reminder to yourself to focus on your relationship with God, consider a piece of apparel from Love in Faith. These items are daily reminders to add the above to what Christians do every day, you can wear them on your person as you go about your daily routine.