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How to Be a Good Christian Man

How to Be a Good Christian Man

Posted by Dave & Katie

September 17, 2021

Finding a good man isn’t easy in this world. Becoming a good man could be an even more arduous task. However, it is one you should strive to complete because becoming a good man is vitally important not only to your relationships here on earth but spiritually as well. A good man is one that is made in God’s image. While not obtaining the holiness of God, a good Christian man seeks to be inspired and adhere to God’s standards. Living such a life is worthwhile as it will be a blessing to not only yourself but those around you as well. Read on to learn more about how to be a good Christian man.

Be A Gentleman

Today, this one can be a bit confusing because so many women don’t seem to want you to treat them in a gentlemanly way, holding doors open, saying please and thank you, etc. However, you must remain a gentleman even if said actions are unappreciated by some or even put down. Treat women, other men, children and even animals as you would want to be treated. This isn’t only about having good manners but having a whole way about yourself that puts others’ needs in the forefront. George Bernard Shaw explains it as “a gentleman is one who puts more into the world than he takes out.” Another way of putting it from an anonymous source might encapsulate the idea even better “Being a gentleman is not about impressing women. It’s the pursuit to become a better man.”

Protect Others

Christian Man

Another common characteristic of a good Christian man is one who is strong and protects all those around him, especially the weak. This doesn’t just mean physically but with inner strength and strength of character. In addition, protection doesn’t just mean physical protection. It can also mean protecting a person’s character from the harsh words of gossip or being a listening ear to someone. It means walking a woman to her car or standing up to fight for someone but also means being tender enough that a woman will cry on your shoulder and feel safe doing so.

Have Goals

A good Christian man should have goals laid out before him that he hopes to obtain. These should obviously include meeting the purposes God has laid out before him, such as becoming a believer in Christ. After that, the goals of a good man could include having a family, sharing their faith with others or taking up for those who are weaker than they are, along with many other potential goals. It’s also okay to have goals of monetary success and secular achievements. It simply shouldn't take precedence over being a good person and treating others well. A good verse to remember about meeting goals or working towards an end is 2 Chronicles 15:7, which says, “But as for you, be strong and do not give up, for your work will be rewarded.”

Accept Responsibility and Say Sorry

Accepting responsibility is hard for everyone. After all, we are all prideful by nature. We always see things our own way and have our own interests at heart, even from birth. We have to learn to put others first and be taught how to be kind and loving. Part of doing this is learning to say sorry when we have wronged others. This is true even if the wrong you commit was accidental, such as hurting someone’s feelings with an off-handed comment. No matter how small or great the offense, it’s important to not let your wrongs—be they words or deeds— come between you and others whom you care about. Remember Romans 12:18 “If possible, so far as it depends on you, live peaceably with all.”

Be Passionate About God and Be a Role Model

Finally, the last way to be a good Christian man is to be a good role model of the Christian faith. There are many examples in life of people who did things the wrong way, chased after worldly goods, committed horrible atrocities or merely lived for themselves in the attempt to get ahead in this world. All have failed to be passionate about God or to be a good role model for those coming along after them. Be different in a good way. Stand up and work to become a good role model for those who are in your sphere of influence. Keep in mind that your kids and those whom you influence will care much more about how you treat them and what you teach them than about any riches you might amass. Tony Dungy said it well, “we are all role models to someone in this world, and we can all have an impact-for good.”

Bottom Line: Remember Who You Are

Man of Faith T-Shirt

Paramount to meeting any of the factors listed above is having a relationship with Christ of your own. In other words, you cannot hope to become a good man if you do not first become a Christian. You can learn how to be a good man before you learn how to be a Christian man. Being good by definition simply goes against what makes us human. We need Christ’s influence in order to be able to accomplish all the feats listed above. In addition, our men’s collection at Love in Faith is an ideal way to share your faith with others and is a great way to showcase the change that has taken place within you to those around you. Wearing them can also encourage you when you feel discouraged and can also remind you of God’s goodness on a daily basis, which He so richly and willingly bestows upon us!